Who does hot yoga benefit?

Don’t look good in spandex – great! Can’t touch your toes – even better! Yoga isn’t just for the incredibly fit and flexible. It is for everyone! In fact, the more stiff you are, the more reasons to come to class.  If you get headaches, have a stiff neck or shoulders, have a injury that doesn’t want to heal, have trouble sleeping, have back pain, lack energy, hot yoga is for you.  Flexibility will come and until it does we can modify postures to make sure you benefit.  At One Love, we encourage all levels of practice, from beginners to advanced, to come and enjoy our classes and share in how amazing yoga can make you feel.

Why all the heat?

The heat provides lubrication of your connective tissue, relaxation of your muscles; as well as, detoxification of your body through sweat. And who doesn’t want to feel like they’re in Hawaii when it’s -20 out?!

Who can come to hot yoga?

Everyone is welcome! Participants under the age of 18 need parental consent. All classes are suitable for beginners and we would encourage people to try out the different classes available to find the right one for them. There are modifications to every pose and the ultimate goal is that you are relaxed and getting the stretch that your body needs.

What should I wear?

Come to class in light weight and breathable clothing. You are going to sweat, so materials that absorb sweat are best.

What should I bring?

The studio has yoga mats, straps and blocks, but if you have your own, it’s a great idea to bring them. You will also need to bring a water bottle, one towel for your mat and one to use during class. Most importantly, remember to bring a smile and a sense of humour, it is only yoga, after all.

I am coming, but when should I arrive?

Great – we can’t wait to see you! We ask that new students arrive 15 minutes prior to class to fill out the waiver form and to discuss any questions, concerns or injuries with the instructor. Continuing practitioners are asked to arrive 10 minutes before class, in order to  unwind in savasanna for a few minutes. Keep in mind that our doors close on 5 minutes prior to class schedule and we would hate for you to miss out. No bookings required, but please be on time.

How long are the classes?

All of our classes are either 65 or 75 minutes in length.

Should I ever avoid doing hot yoga?

There are going to be situations where your hot yoga practice needs to be put on hold – particularly if your health care professional has advised it or you’ve just polished off an entire turkey dinner. Pregnant? Congratulations! We encourage you to consult your midwife or OB before you come to practice. It is recommended that unless you are a regular hot yoga practitioner, you might prefer a non-heated studio until the baby arrives. Please let us know if you are expecting and if you are a regular practitioner then we will do our best to modify poses and set you up in a cooler spot in the room. Hot yoga is best suited for adolescents who have developed their sweat glands; therefore, we recommend that students under 15 years of age, wait a few years before trying hot yoga. If you have any questions or concerns, it’s always best to consult with your health care provider before visiting a hot yoga studio.

Do I eat before I come to class?

Avoid coming to class on a full stomach, but please eat something before you come and be sure to be well hydrated.

Anything else?

Yes, thanks for asking. Private classes and classes tailored for your sports team are always available – contact  kristi@onelovehotyoga.ca to learn more.